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Welcome to Fisher 3 on 3 Hockey!

Availability Status for Each Level for the 2024 Season (as of 07/12/24):


High School (Includes U16/18 Girls) Skaters - Full  on 4/3/24 (Get on Waiting List -See below)

Bantam (Includes U14/U15 Girls) Skaters - Full  on 6/3/24 (Get on Waiting List -See below)

Peewee (Includes U12 Girls) Skaters - Full  on 5/12/24 (Get on Waiting List -See below)

Squirt (Includes U10 Girls) Skaters - Full  on 3/16/24 (Get on Waiting List -See below)

Mite 2 (Includes U8 Girls) Skaters (2nd & 3rd Graders Fall of 2024) - 15 of 42 spots remaining.

Mite 1 (Includes U6 Girls) Skaters (1st Grade & younger Fall of 2024) -  16 of 42 spots remaining.


If the level is Full you are trying to register for, I am sorry...

It has been filling up quicker every year, which is good for me, but I feel bad for those that miss out on this opportunity.

If not already, make sure you become a member on this website, so you will receive future emails regarding registrations and discounts.  I start emailing around Thanksgiving for the upcoming season, then New Year’s, and then at the end of March, when the Winter Hockey Season is over. That way you are well informed by multiple emails to register, before it fills (usually before April).  So, get your child(ren) registered ASAP, so they don't miss out on this opportunity!

Please email me ( the following information, so I can add you to a waiting list if an opening becomes available:

  • Players Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Grade in 24-25 school year
  • School\Association
  • Last level played in 23-24 winter season.
  • Email address
  • Parent(s) name(s)
  • Parent(s) Cell\Text number(s)

2024 Schedules Posted under Teams or click links below:

Go under each team\Level to see schedules.

High School (U16/U18) Will run from August to Mid-October

Squirt (U10), Peewee (U12), & Bantams (U14) Will run Mid July to Mid of September

Mites (U8 and younger) starts end of August and runs to beginning of October.

High School (U16 - U18):

Bantams (U14):

Peewee  (U12):

Squirt  (U10):

Mites 2: (U8 or 2nd\3rd Graders):

Mites 1: (U6, Pre-K, K, or 1st graders):

CO-ED (Boys & girls in same groups) at all levels - No Checking at all levels!


Sessions Available for High School, Bantam, Peewee, Squirt, & Mite Level Players. (Boys & Girls in all Levels)

This Program is designed to get the players skating before Pre-Skate warm-ups & tryouts. At each Session there will be a warm-up (20-30 minutes) Skate of various Skills (Edge Work, Stick Handling, Passing, Support concepts, etc.) and then lead into 3v3 Cross Ice Game and\or Full Ice 4v4 or 5v5 for HS players. By Participating in this Program players will have the opportunity to increase their fitness level from having the summer off and enhance their on-ice awareness & Creativity in preparation for Association\HS tryouts.

With all the Instruction kids are getting in the Off-season, this program allows the players to be creative and think for themselves, without being in a "system".


NO Checking or Fighting; (Otherwise the Player will be removed from the Ice and potential removal from Program; with no refund)

No Icing or off-sides; Controlled Shift changes, if needed (1 minute or less for motivational Purposes);

20 - 1-hour sessions for High School (20+ Minutes of Skills, followed by 5 on 5 Full ice) (Starts early August & finishes Mid-October) Max. of 30 Skaters and 6 Goalies

16 - 1-Hour sessions for Bantam/Peewee/Squirts (25+ Minutes of Skills, followed by 4 on 4 half\full Ice, 5 on 5 full ice, &\or 3 on 3 cross ice) (Starts Mid July and finishes end of Mid-September) Max. of 30 Skaters and 6 Goalies

101-hour Sessions for ALL Level Mites (Rotate through 6 Various skill stations for up to 40 minutes, follow by 3 groups of 3 on 3 Cross Ice games) (Starts in September and finishes mid-October) Max. of 42 Skaters and 6 Goalies

No Refund Policy.

2024 Cost Structure


Full Price

High School Skater = $300 After 4/1/2024

Squirt-Peewee-Bantam Skater = $250 After 4/1/2024

Mite skater = $210 After 4/1/2024


10% Discount

High School Skater = $270 between 1/1/2024 to  4/1/2024

Squirt-Peewee-Bantam Skater = $225 between 1/1/2024 to 4/1/2024

Mite skater = $190 between 1/1/2024 to 4/1/2024


20% Discount

High School Skater = $240 today to 12/31/2023

Squirt-Peewee-Bantam Skater = $200 today to 12/31/2023

Mite skater = $170 today to 12/31/2023


(Families Registering 3 or More Skaters will receive a 20% discount off the discounted price at the time of Registration (20 +20, 10 +20, or 20% off full). You must register all players at once to receive the discount at checkout.)

Goalies have a Discounted Flat Rate, so no extra Discounts

High School = $130, Bantam\Peewee\Squirt = $110, and Mite = $80

(First come first serve) The Registration Process will NOT allow you to Register once FULL! To secure your Spot in this Program, register Online ASAP

All Players receive a free practice Jersey & T-Shirt (if registered Online, before June 1, 2024) to split up into teams. Teams can and will change from day to day.

Miscellaneous information

Covid-19 Preparation for 2024 Season

2024 Coaches

High School - Ron Bukovich, Mike Crandall, Dauphine Waataja, & TBD

Bantams - Jason Anderson, Jerimiah Kersten, Ryan Marinello , & TBD

Peewees - Michael Dahlstrom, Ryan Marinello,  Maria Swanson, & TBD

Squirts - John Fisher,  Ann Hedrix, Kelsey Johnson, Ryan Marinello, and Maria Swanson (5)

Mite 2 - Jeff Brown, Michael Dahlstrom, Jacob Fisher, Jason Mack, Shawn Moen, Derek Otto, & Brett Schneider (7)

Mite 1 - Marc Lee, Jason Mack, Shawn Moen, Andrew Richardson, Brett Schneider, Maria Swanson, TBD, & TBD

Jeremy Fisher